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When the boss is away, do your employees accomplish what you wanted?  Do they slack off?  Do you feel you "always" need to be there? 

We can help.  We can customize a plan for your business to help your team be more productive and your business more efficient. 

We have serviced clients in the following metro areas: Seattle WA; Portland, OR; San Francisco CA; Sacramento CA; Los Angeles CA and San Diego CA. 

We can tailor a plan specific to your business because no two businesses or store fronts are the same.

Let us know your needs and we will tell you if we can help or if not, where to go for assistance.  We are networked with hundreds of other experts in consulting.  Your calls and communication are confidential.  If we take you on as a client, you receive one on one consultation with the highest level of competence to help you be as successful as possible.


We are not generalists but rather specialists in the services offered.

We specialize in Communications Process Improvement:

Your communication seems specific enough, but your employees interpret you differently than the intent; we can help.

Your employee turnover is higher than you think it should be, employee retention is an area we are experts in; we can help.

Succession Planning and Organizational Restructuring are also areas of expertise.

Our focus is specific to the Retail and Consumer Goods industry sectors.

Finally, do you want to start a small business or franchise? Call us first for all of the things you are not thinking about because you don't know.

We've been there and helped hundreds of small businesses get off on the successful start that is so critical.


   J Dunaway Consulting LLC